Establishment of companies

Every undertaker or entrepreneur needs an administrative officer, as well as a legal counsellor, in order to perform high-quality economic activity. If you are in the situation where you want to establish a company or a non-profit organization, it is advisable to consult a lawyer who will inform you of all the legal steps you need to take in order to obtain legal personality.

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Establishment of a Ltd.

”Ltd.” is the legal form most often used by entrepreneurs. The main advantage of this legal form is that the liability for any damages is limited to the company assets.

Establishment of D.Ltd. (Debutant Company)

In order to stimulate the business environment, through GEO no. 6/2011 Debutant Company was introduced, intended for those who have not owned a company and who want to develop a first business. The Ordinance provides certain facilities granted by the state.

Establishment of SEP (Self-Employed Person)

SEP is the most convenient legal form for self-employed persons. The SEP is easy to be managed, it has lower incorporation costs, and the accounting is kept in single-entry, hiring an accountant being not mandatory.

Establishment of a Joint Stock Company (S.A.)

The joint stock company is a form of company in which the shareholders are liable only up to the concurrent coverage of the subscribed share capital, it is incorporated by memorandum of association and articles of association. The memorandum of association and articles of association may be concluded in the form of a single document, called ”articles of incorporation”.

Establishment of an NGO

N.G.O.’s are organizations in the sphere of civil society seeking to find solutions to the problems of the society, to develop the notion of collective solidarity, to determine the responsibility of the citizens and involve them in the life of the society.

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