Establishment of SEP (Self-Employed Person)

Individuals who carry out economic activities, mainly using their workforce and their professional skills, in all areas that the law does not expressly prohibit for free initiative, may choose to become a Self-Employed Person (S.E.P.).

The Self-Employed Person may carry out his/her activity individually, or may employ, as an employer, third parties with an individual employment contract, concluded in accordance with the law.

They must have a registered office on the territory of Romania, under the conditions provided by law.

The patrimonial liability in the case of a Self-Employed Person is done with the whole patrimony of the natural person, and the accounting record is kept in single-entry.

In order for a natural person to become a Self-Employed Person, s/he must follow several steps similar to those for establishing a company. Our law office supports them, by providing them all the information and helping them prepare the documents required for the authorization.

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