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Law is a complex and indispensable element in everyday life, regardless of the activity we carry out. Whether we are talking about the establishment of a company or about a legal situation likely to create difficulties, it is advisable to contact people with training and experience in this field. We are here for you! We are here to answer all your questions, depending on your case, especially when you are dealing with situations pertaining to the commercial area.

Our team consists of lawyers specialized in commercial law and insolvency practitioners, a team that has acquired speed and efficiency over time, due to the confidence given to us by our clients. We successfully complete judicial and extrajudicial procedures, offering legal consultancy, representation and legal assistance, especially in the area of commercial law, insolvency, enforcement and company issues.

We are open to any request, regardless of the place it may originate, therefore we offer our clients our services in the Romanian language, as well as in English and German.

Our experience has been gained in time, and in the recent years of activity, not only has the increasing number of our clients strengthened our experience, but it has also brought us among the best in the field. Figures always speak for themselves, and the feedback supports them. We thank every one who has believed in us, taking our services.

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Our licensed law and insolvency practitioners office provides the following services:

Commercial Law

Commercial law is a branch of private law containing the legal regulations governing the relations within trade area.

Establishment of Companies

The prices are set by direct negotiation with you depending on your financial possibilities and the amount of work of the lawyer assigned to your case.


Enforcement is the procedure by which the holder of a subjective right compels the one infringing the right to comply with it.


Insolvency is the state of the company found itself in payment default of certain, liquid and receivable obligations.


An optional method to settle conflicts amicably, with the help of a third party specialized as mediator.