The mediator plays an active role in mediation, as an analyst of the conflict situation as a whole, as a leader of the procedure by consensus and not by imposition, therefore s/he uses specific techniques to improve the dialogue between the parties involved, thereby helping to reach agreement in the matter under consideration.

The success of the Mediation, drawing up the Agreement of the Parties, is subsequently recognized by the authorities through a judge in court or through a lawyer / notary public.

Mediation may work not only as the settlement of a dispute, but also as a way to prevent it. The mediation process may also be used as an advantage in negotiating contracts, by identifying the interests of both parties and promoting effective communication between them.

Mediation can be used at different levels and in multiple contexts: from minor disputes to litigation in courts, such as:

Labour Conflicts:
– discrimination;
– harassment;
– labor administration;

Other Disputes:
– of tenants association;
– contracts of any kind;
– personal injury;
– partnerships;

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